Crafting a website for the Architects Benevolent Society that better aligned with their work, mission & people it represents & supports.
Digital Design
Digital Strategy 

Adobe XD

Other Designers: Darren Luchmun
         I was the lead on the website redesign project for the Architects Benevolent Society (ABS), from developing the digital strategy, functionality spec & brief with the client, through to wireframing, concepting & templating.
         The ultimate goal was to create a site which better represented the human aspect of what ABS do & to portray it's mission in a cleaner & modern way.
         It was apparent the charity look & feel was very limiting & outdated, highlighting the need for some new visual direction. I used the website concepting stage to expand on the charity colour palette & introduce new typefaces. This gave a more contemporary look & offered greater flexibility. I also helped develop an illustration style that conveyed it's mission & the humanitarian nature of it's work.