Ipswich Theatres, Entertainment coming alive. Repositioning two Ipswich theatres, as exciting and relevant arts venues in the local area.
Digital Design
Digital Strategy 

Adobe XD

Other Designers: Darren Luchmun
         I led the digital design process in translating this newly established look and feel into a functioning website. The biggest problem area being, how do we clearly market and present two venues, each offering a variety of shows, to a different audience. The home page hero slider became a core way of quickly being able to communicate this, with each venue taking up a side of the page and the direction buttons presented users with the biggest upcoming event at that venue.
         A modular grid system was created to make the site image led and I designed an angular colourful page transition to generate movement and excitement. The headline font of the site merges the two main typefaces from the brand, further referencing the meeting of two venues whilst also creating a dynamic visual feel that speaks to the nature of theatre.