Visualising the world’s biggest switch off event, WWF’s Earth Hour – a moment millions come together for nature, people & the planet.
Campaign Identity 


Other designers: Ellie Thompson, Darren Luchmun
        We were tasked with helping WWF UK launch a new proposition for its annual Earth Hour campaign, asking people to make Promises for the Planet. I was apart of the design team from concept through to roll-out of all campaign assets.
        We created an integrated on & offline campaign that deliberately selected images of animals making direct eye contact with the audience, split-screened with the headline ‘Your Promise. Your Planet.’
        Our copy created a rallying cry, communicating how by making a promise you were joining a global movement. The direct eye contact from the animals instantly engaged with audiences making the headline & call to action seem as if it were coming directly from the animal. We also had the opportunity to work also side Carnaby Street to create an installation to go across the streets archways.
        The campaign delivered record-breaking results with over 56,000 promises made, over 400 UK landmarks switched off & #EarthHourUK had a reach of over 100m.